Gilder Lehrman Summer Institute Moral and Political Crisis of 1850

Professor Delbanco introducing James Oakes on Friday the 17th.

Below you will find the resources from our document project from the seminar.
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Grades 9-12

Natalie Scavone

Marshall Cohen

Justin Kiczek

Lynette Turnbaugh

Bill O'Brien

Liz Pilla

Patricia Hans

Gina Bedene

David Egan

Dondrinea Williams

Dr. Doug Perry

Paul Bove

Gregory Smith

Gerard Trimarco

Ashley Elpern

Jessica Feldman

Bruce Jordan

Middle School

Gerry Ianelli
Universal Slave Law

Thomas Jones

Frederick Moore

William Holmes

Chris Miraglia

Heather Green

Eugene Ballantyne

Steven Martinez

Brenda Nunez

David Harris

Jim Galgano


Dr Don Schwarz PPT on visuals

Matthew Wie

Jessica Coffman National Park Service

Monica Gor